It is part of my interest to understand the quantum world in a less abstract and weired way than it is currently situated in. I believe there is a more “newtonian” concept hidden in the weiredness of quantum mechanics, so I came up with this frictionless fluid model to describe the aether (the void of empty space). In this model structures (sort of vortices) can form appearing to us as “elementary particles” with their respective properties (like charge etc).

This simulation shows the evolution of an initial disturbance (in momentum) in an experimental aether. It is mostly axially symmetric because the initial conditions are, so it is easier to follow what is happening. Actually the initial disturbance is slightly off-center (0.1% of the simulation cube length) which becomes apparent towards the end of this video – I did this to show the extreme sensitivity to initial conditions.

Here you can see it in action.

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