This is my realtime additive synthesizer with up to 512 oscillators per voice and as much voices as your hardware can handle. You can modulate virtually any parameter by 2 of many modulators (6 N-breakpoint envelopes with adjustable slopes, 4 syncable sequencers, 8 syncable LFOs/voice, 4 syncable LFOs/channel)
It runs as a VST-plugin under Win32 systems.
Due to its additive synthesis and nice design 😉 you can easily create rich, smooth and warm ambient sounds, sharp and crisp electronic sounds as well as realistic natural sound or some mixture of any of these. Basically this thing can produce virtually any sound imaginable. You can even let Additizer analyze a audio file and all parameters are set up automatically to reproduce that audio file as good as possible (Additizer is NOT sample-based; you can freely change the analyzed sound as usual).
Even for very simple waveforms like pulse-waves it may be useful as any sound produced by Additizer is virtually alias-free which is important for high fidelity off sharp and harsh sounds (but in some situations this would be like taking a sledgehammer to crack a nut).

But listen for yourself ! All sounds are generated purely by Additizer with no post-processing applied. Ah, and every sample here is just a single voice held for a few seconds (only using 128 out of 512 available oscillators per voice).
Piano – analyzed and synthesized
Drone – from scratch
Bell Pad – from scratch
Feedback Pad – from scratch
Electro Whalesing – from scratch

As I havn’t continued this project for a long time and it is questionable if I will do so one day, I decided to put up the current unfinished but mostly working version. It can be downloaded here. Just drop it in your VST directory.
Feedback welcome. Have fun !