Hello and welcome to CausalLoop.NET

My name is Lennert Schneider, born 1982 in Berlin, Germany and this is my blog.
Here I’ll post updates about my various projects as well as some of my older stuff.

The name of the site stems from my high interest in feedback systems, especially those found in nature.
This feedback creates a circular chain of cause and effect or causal loop. And by that extremely complex behaviour can result from very few and simple rules while being computationally very efficient.
Especially brain-inspired neural networks caught me. My ultimate goal is to find an algorithm which can be used to produce “intelligent behaviour” in a robot just by feeding its inputs with sensory stimuli from the environment and connecting its outputs to the robots actuators which allow it to move in some way in that environment. By positive and negative feedback it learns to behave to maximize the former and minimize the latter. Ideally no pre-knowledge is given, so the first huge step is “how to perceive something from initial meaninglessness”.
I’ll probably write in more detail about some aspects some time in the (hopefully near) future.

So at the moment most of my projects fall in this very broad category, but there is other stuff like computer graphics (well that’s often feedback stuff, too), music and some random stuff. Even quite some philosophy… 😉

And of course nowadays you need pseudonyms and these would be either “XorTdsc” (coding) or “Fraktal” (music/dj).
You can also connect with me on facebook or send an eMail to mail@causalloop.net.

I’ll be glad if you leave a comment anywhere. 🙂